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Our Entertainers comprise of the following:


Singers also known as "Vocalists", are the most common choice of entertainment in Bars, Lounges, Hotels and Restaurants.

Mostly accompanied by 1 or more Musicians, Singers are mostly there to interact with the crowd by singing their requests.

Singers can also have back up Dancers to liven up certain numbers throughout the evening and also inducing audience participation.

One has to keep in mind that in between each Song, singers can provide adequate promotions according to the client's needs at the time. For example, special prices at the bar or an upcoming event.

After Glow Events has a wide repertoire of singers all with different capabilities. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find the right choice for you !


The question is, what can you NOT do with actors !?

As the wikipedia terminology states: "one who interprets" , actors can be part of formal theatrical events and productions where they can play roles of dramatic characters or individuals with carefully written scripts with the aim of passing on a 'message' or statement.

On the other hand actors can also be used as part of fun and informal event, where they can be the host to your 'themed' night, real life mystery murder characters or simply a fun Jester roaming around your event, making a complete and utter fool of themselves. The possibilities for the need of an actor is endless!

After Glow Events knows just what to do!


Either having a whole performance on stage or just entertaining your guests with that little extra 'push' of 'get out of your seat' support...Dancers are a great way to entertain guests during a sit down dinner, a Product Launch or even a Festival.

A common sighting of Dancers is usually on stage, either as a main performance or as backup to the main singer/performer.

With a large wardrobe of costumes and ideas, the After Glow Consultants can help you to really surprise your guests, and make the event memorable.

Contact us for more tips and Ideas !

Fire Performers

Are you looking for a whole different experience? Feel daring enough to give it a try ?

The After Glow Fire Shows stand out solitary in the Maltese Islands. Exquisite costumes and make up, numerous different Fire Equipment, "Goose Bumping" Music and Impeccable performers, our completely scripted and choreographed Fire shows are aimed to induce the "WOW" factor in all events.

Apart from producing such shows, we also have a numerous number of brilliant performers ready to give you that 'solo' performance.

The number of fire performers in a show can vary accordingly.

Don't let the flames get to you!